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Taxes are done! In the past year, I have liquidated two businesses, so this year's filing was a major bookkeeping project, to say the least. But it's all part of the long term plan. It's a practice called "downshifting," something many of us 50 and 60-somethings are involved in. And as we do it, we are freeing up time to probe a little on what we want to do with the rest of our lives. In my case, one of the things I'm probing is this blog and my web site,

My current plan is to blog here and organize these random thoughts on the site. Not every blog entry will be posted (this one won't), but when I see something worthy of the site, a new article, book recommendation, a link, a quotable quote, reader comments, etc., I'll let you know where on the site they'll be posted.

We'll see how that works out in the long run. Seems logical for now.