I Have a Dream ... well, I Had a Dream

The other night I had a dream. It was one of those "falling" dreams, you know the ones that they say that if you don't wake up before hitting the bottom, you're dead. But don't worry, it wasn't scary. And that, ironically, was the scary part. Let me explain.

The whole dream probably lasted just a few seconds. In the dream, I was in a nondescript, dark place. The only sound that could be heard was a kind of moaning chant. Over and over, I heard voices chanting, "Old... old ... ooold." The next thing I knew, I was falling. I don't remember jumping or being pushed, but I was falling... and someone, or something, was holding me.

Now here's the strange ironic part. I expected to be scared, but I wasn't. I remember thinking, "this isn't so bad." It was very restful, peaceful even. Nothing required of me, no obligations... Just listen to the chant and fall ... "Old... old... ooold"

But wait! This isn't what I want! I'm not ready to settle for this! I started thrashing and woke myself up.

Oh, the temptation we face. You don't have to do anything. Just put your brain in neutral. Settle in and check out of life.

I view this dream as a wake up call in the battle we face. The battle against complacency, comfort, lethargy. The battle that, if lost, can ultimately rob our minds and bodies of all vitality... that can cause us to waste our "fifteen good years left." The seductiveness lies in the ease, the comfort.

Let's fight this thing together. Toward that end, I've started a website for boomers who truly want to "get the best out of the rest of our lives." Check it out at www.platinumyears.net


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