BoomerTowne Update - I'm Rich!

A while back, I reviewed the top ten Boomer web sites, and at the time, it turned out that my favorite happened to be PC Magazine's #1 rated site, BoomerTowne (see my review of April 19).

I can't say that I visit ANY of the others with any regularity, but BoomerTowne has stuck as a fun site to visit, play games and trivia contests, read jokes and quotes, etc. I used to play some of the games at Yahoo Games, but these are just as good, so now, when my brain is fried, I head to BoomerTowne games instead.

There was one other feature of BoomerTowne that intrigued me. They give BoomerTowne points for just about all the things you do there. Play a game? 10 Points. Rate a joke? 3 Points. Identify the song in the weekly contest? 100 points. They even give you 35 points for your first log in each day.

The reason that I'm bringing this up now is that I thought I'd see how long it took me to get to the threshold where the points had actual cash value. For me, that was a couple of days ago, when I passed the 12,500 points mark, which entitles me to a $25 gift card at either Target or Best Buy. Not bad for six weeks of mostly just having fun.

So much fun that I'm forging onward, because I don't need anything at Target or Best Buy right now and the 25,125 point threshold is worth a BoomerTowne VISA debit card charged with $50 of value. I'll keep you posted. - Bob


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