A Quick Video Trip to the Sixties

I had some surgery on my gums this afternoon. When the doctor offered to call in a prescription for pain medication, I told him not to bother, I doubted that I would need it. A little Motrin would do nicely, thank you. Wisely, he wrote out a prescription for me, "just in case."

Two hours later, I was begging the Platinum wife to run down to the pharmacy for me. So much for bravery... My mouth was throbbing. But now the drugs have kicked in and all is well... except that I doubt I'd make much sense tackling any kind of serious topic tonight ... oh wow, look at all the pretty colors ... groovy.

All of which got me thinking about the sixties and my teen and college years ... how's that for a segué? ... I was recently sent an email link to a flash video by one of my high school friends. I clicked on the link, and for maybe ten minutes, I was transported back in time. Very cool.

There are lots of blogs and websites geared for boomers that obsess on the past, in particular our roots in the sixties. This isn't one of them. Not that I didn't love the sixties. I really did. It's just that normally, I'd prefer to think about the future. Except tonight...

And anyway, this is too good not to share... and since you're not going to get anything substantial out of me tonight anyway, and with thanks to my old pal Billy whom I've known since the FIFTIES (!), here's the link:


Enjoy! :-) Bob


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