Six Word Financial Biographies
A Carnival of Personal Finance Highlight

I didn't submit anything to the Carnival of Personal Finance this week, but I checked it, and here is my favorite so far. Madame X over at My Open Wallet has an interesting "contest" going with readers submitting "six word financial biographies" to match some of her originally posted favorites. So far, I like:

Bought high, sold low, smacked forehead.
Expensive toys were my only weakness.
I save, he spends, we're broke
Why won't student loans go away?
I came, I saw, I overspent
Must mend holes in my pockets!
school debt. hate job. can't quit.
But they're not all negative. Here are some hopeful ones:

We budgeted, saved, and retired early!
ebay keeps me looking good cheaply.
doing my best to retire early.
Invest wisely now. Live comfortably later.
Dream big. Plan for your future..
It's not too late to enter. I couldn't think of one, but I did post a comment:

Loved your article. Linked to it.

:-) Bob


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