Tonight's Reviews:
"Retired Brains" and "Boomer 411"

Tonight I visited two more sites in our continuing review of PC Magazine's top ten boomer websites I'll take the easiest first.

"Retired Brains" is a very helpful site - provided you are looking for another job. My impression is that this site is much more for people who NEED to keep working or want to avoid idleness, as opposed to say a site like, that is more geared to helping you give back to your community or pursue a passion. The expressed mission of "Retired Brains" is "Helping Older Workers Find Jobs." There are also links to general information about government programs, health issues, retirement planning, etc., that you may want to check out, but I won't be recommending it except for people who are actually in the job market.

Tonight's other site is "Boomer411," whose expressed goal is to "help people access Trusted and Relevant content related to baby boomers quickly." And they do a great job at meeting that goal. Think of "Boomer411" as a boomer-specific search engine. It has a clean main page with links to recent articles of interest to boomers, and a cool intelligent search engine. When you enter a search term or phrase, you get results down the middle, and you also get suggested refinements to your search down the left hand side. Try it!

Boomer411 is definitely a valuable resource, and will be added as a "platinum link."

I'm still also having fun playing with the games and features at BoomerTowne. If any of you have joined, add me as a friend. My user name there is "bobmcd67."

That's it for tonight. Two more tomorrow. - Bob


Art Koff said…
I am in my 70's and founded RetiredBrains in 2003 to help older boomers, seniors and retirees find employment.

I thank you for your review of our site and wanted to mention that starting next month it will be providing a great deal more information in areas other than finding a job.

We are adding 18 new pages: arthritis pain, memory loss, vacations for seniors, products for seniors, financial information and insurance information, where you can volunteer, are just a few.

We invite comments and suggestions as to other valuable services we might provide.
Bob McD said…
Thanks Art, I'll be sure to check it out and report to my readers.

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