Let's Move Election Day to April 15th!

I just filed my taxes... I was pretty early this year for me... 7:30 PM at the Providence, RI post office.

I've made it something of a tradition to go there on April 15th. I used to go later, around 11 PM, to see the live TV remotes, enjoy coffee from the free Dunkin Donuts coffee wagon, check out who's protesting what, etc. One year they had a three piece band, and on a few occasions, the postal employees would wear Uncle Sam costumes.

Lately though, it's been much more mundane. Maybe somebody was offended by the party atmosphere. It's so somber now.

Which led me to an idea. Let's get some taxpayer value out of this somber-ness. Let's move Election Day from November to the middle of April, maybe even April 15th. I'll bet we'd end up with a much leaner and meaner government. What do you think? :-) Bob


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