New Platinum Links Posted
... and Why I Have a Website

As promised during last week's review of PC Magazine's top ten boomer websites, I have completely revamped and expanded the Platinum Links page on our website. It was long overdue and therefore a pretty big project, but it's done - or at least done enough to post... Is anything on a website ever really done? ... but I digress.

For you newcomers, let me explain the relationship between this blog and the website. This blog, like most blogs, is sort of a stream of consciousness flow of writing. Many articles represent fleeting thoughts that stand alone. But sometimes, you get on a topic, you think about it, you write an article, then maybe a part two. You get some comments, you write some more. Then when you have thoroughly beaten a topic to death, um, I mean, covered it exhaustively, it sits there in chronological pieces on your blog.

But if you really have covered a topic to a conclusion, you may want to massage it into something coherent for posterity. That, to me, is what the web site is for. Blogs are good at many things, but they are not great at organizing information. Websites are, or at least can be better organized.

So that's what i did today. I organized the links I've been cranking out into something more coherent. It was a lot of work... but you're worth it. :-) Bob

P.S. In the process, I found a great new blog/website, very similar to Platinum Years, which I'll tell you about tomorrow.


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