A New NBR Series
Getting Your Finances Ready for Retirement

The only TV Show that I can honestly say I never miss is "Nightly Business Report" on PBS. My DVR is set to record it when it comes on every weekday evening at 6:30 PM. It is a great resource for my business, as it very ably summarizes the day's activity in the financial markets, and elaborates on "what went up and why." And even when each day's show is winding down, I usually leave it on until the Grandfatherly cohost Paul Kangas closes with his trademark double entendre, "wishing all of you the best of goodbyes."

On Monday night, NBR kicked off what they say is going to be a year long series for Boomers preparing for retirement. The series is cosponsored by U.S. News & World Report and is called "Getting Your Finances Ready for Retirement." It began on Monday's show with a segment called "Your Retirement Lifestyle." These segments will run weekly, so I suspect that I'll be sharing with you when there's a topic of particular interest.

In conjunction with this series, NBR's website is promoting a new retirement section of their website that contains the show transcripts and many other resources for boomers, including articles from US News, AARP, and the Social Security Administration. As such, I'm adding a link to that page as a Platinum website here on this blog and at www.platinumyears.net. And if there's anything in the "Don't Miss" category, I'm sure I'll call your attention to it here.

Monday's segment on "Your Retirement Lifestyle" was presented under the heading "Getting Started," and was pretty generic, pointing out the obvious fact that you should start thinking about the kind of retirement you want as a first step in retirement planning. But I wanted to give you an opportunity to head over there and check out their web site. I'm sure I'll be pointing you there again from time to time as the series continues.

Next Monday, I believe they're going to look at ways you can calculate your "number," the amount you'll need for the retirement you want. Stay tuned... Bob


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