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I know that I have many readers who are very familiar with "the blogosphere," and quite a few of you, friends and relatives mostly, who may have "favorited" this website so that you can check here regularly. To the former group, I apologize for taking so long to provide this service. To the latter, let me explain what it's all about.

The blogosphere is growing so rapidly that it can become cumbersome to manually check all of the blogs you like to "visit." Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to "aggregate" all of your favorite blogs on one nice neat page? Well there is. The place where your articles will be aggregated is called a newsreader, and all you have to do is "subscribe" to each blog once, and it will "feed" your newsreader every time a new article is published.

I have added a "subscribe" button in the right hand column. If you already have a newsreader, you probably know what to do. I just signed up with the most popular one,, and added a couple of my favorites, as well as this blog. It's pretty easy, and it's free.

But you may not even need bloglines. You may actually have a newsreader and not know it. For example, I have had a "My Yahoo" page for years, for my favorite stocks, sports teams, local weather, and some news links. Buy MyYahoo is also a newsreader. They just don't use that terminology. You can subscribe to a blog via MyYahoo, and it will make your subscribed blogs appear just like another news source. I tried this as well, and so far, so good. Google offers a personalized page with newsreading capabilities as well.

There are lots of other newsreader options, and they 'll appear when you click the subscribe button on the right. As I say, I'm still learning, so if you have any feedback, please email me, or just comment to this article (which will also email me, but in a different way).

I find that the longer I hang around the blogosphere, the more I need this service. It alleviates the frustration of manually visiting a site and finding out there's nothing new. When something's new, you can see it right in your reader.

Isn't technology great? :-) Bob


Anonymous said…
Thanks, makes it easier. I don't remember now how I found you, some other writer must have mentioned your blog. I have been looking for a personal finance blog that fit our circumstances and you appear to be it. Keep up the good work.
bobmcd said…
Thanks for your kind words. It's comments like yours that keep me going when the blank screen is taunting me :-) Bob

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