Review of "TeeBeeDee" and "I Remember JFK"

As promised, we're checking out the top ten boomer web sites this week. I already gave two thumbs up to BoomerTowne. Eons and AARP are already on my list. So tonight, I visited two new sites, "TeeBeeDee" ( and "I Remember JFK" (

TeeBeeDee, as they call themselves, stands for the letters TBD, as in "To Be Determined," which is an apt description of the rest of our lives. The description at PC Magazine led me to believe that it was more about finding a new career, something like, but it comes across as a pure social networking site.

To be sure, there are forums where you can discuss second careers, but this is one of about thirty discussion groups.

"I Remember JFK" is actually a blog, although the line between blog and website is pretty blurred by now. And I really didn't expect to like it, because there are so many "reminiscence blogs" written by boomers, but I can see why this one has risen to the top. I found myself connecting to the articles. They are very engaging and easy to relate to.

So I think I'll leave it there for now. I plan to check back to both of these sites and explore further. Meanwhile, Feel free to comment with your experiences. - Bob


Ron said…
Hi, Bob.

This is Ron, creator of I Remember JFK. I really appreciate your kind words.

Please keep stopping by!


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