Quick Quiz
Was the DJIA Up or Down Last Week?

Just to follow up on yeaterday, and bring the topic back to financial news, here's a quick, one question quiz that may tell you if your financial news sources are, um, "fair and balanced."

Was the Dow Jones Average up or down last week?

Sure there was a lot of turmoil and volatility. But what was the overall direction? If the correct answer of up 108 points surprises you, you may be watching too much main stream media for your financial news as well.

As it happens, the other two major market index, the NASDAQ and S&P, were down. Which made for, I guess, a "mixed" week in the stock market. I was very proud of my clients' behavior during the serious downturn of Tuesday and early Wednesday. The only calls I got were wonderings about whether it was time to buy, which is exactly the kind of "straw hats in January" posture that I was encouraging in my "Overcoming Investment Fear" article.

Maybe I should poll them about where THEY get their investment news? :-) Bob


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