Four Great Retirement Links

While I'm working on a new "Platinum Finance" section of our sister website, www.platinum (OK, and watching a little football - This is my favorite football watching weekend of the year, and so far, it hasn't disappointed), I thought I'd give you some links to some excellent financial websites with entire sections on Personal Finance and retirement: - MarketWatch was run by CBS until recently but is currrently labelled "from Dow Jones." It is my primary source for general stock market news during the trading day, but they also have many good articles on many financial topics, including retirement. - This is better known as Yahoo Finance. I actually use this more than Marketwatch because it is better for researching individual stocks. Again, they have a specific Retirement section with tons of valuable information. - Don't let the name, um, "fool" you. This site, called "The Motley Fool," is home to some of the best common sense investment advice on the net, including retirement advice. The are often pitching subscription newsletters and books, but there is a lot of great solid investment advice available here. - I have my differences with the AARP, particularly their politics, but there is a huge amount of info in the Finacial Planning Section of their website.

In each case, the link provided will take you right to the retirement section of these sites, but they all have other items of interest sprinkled elsewhere, so you might want to navigate back to the home page and check out the rest of their sites as well.

Happy Surfing! :-) Bob


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